How to paint outdoor furniture

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I live in the desert. I had no idea that most states actually STAY green during the summer until I went on the GMC/Habitat for Humanity trip a few weeks ago. The lush green freeways of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Alabama were amazing. Southern Utah is beautiful too, don’t get me wrong. But, the rye fields aren’t green this time of year. They are yellow and dry. Because of the heat and dryness around these parts, … [Read more...]

Garden grow boxes {INSTALLED}


We have been working on our backyard for YEARS!! Ha ha. First things first,my cute hubby built the kids a swing set to play on {in the dirt!!}.Then, we installed the block walls,put in a sprinkler systemnext came sod and curbing,planted trees,laid a flagstone pathway,installed an in ground trampoline, (LOVE THIS!!)and laid concrete for our patio,laid weed mat and rubble mulch around the play set,painted an AWESOME … [Read more...]

Backyard design REVEAL! {It’s about time!}


Hold on to your britches! I am FINALLY going to show you the BIG reveal of our BACKYARD!!! If you missed the series of posts {last year}, you can check out our: Landscape Design Part 1,  Backyard Landscaping Part 2, Curbing and Sod, Installing a Concrete Patio, Finishing the Backyard Details, and DIY Inground Trampoline Installation Instructions posts….PHEW! This project was a BIG one. I wish I had a HUGE, AMAZING … [Read more...]

Flag Stone Pathway = Barefoot Brooke!


IF you know me, you know that I am kind of a freak when it comes to putting on shoes. I rarely have shoes on. I prefer bare feet. So, when my cute hubby finished our flag stone pathway in our backyard, I was in HEAVEN because I no longer have to remember to put shoes on when I go outside. I can walk across our rocks and have a perfectly soft pathway to walk on. Didn't he do a FANTASTIC job?!?!?I'm pretty sure I owe my … [Read more...]

Concrete patio project: Backyard Landscaping update


The backyard landscaping project is basically finished! I cannot wait to unveil the entire backyard this week for you all to see the progress from start to finish. It has been soooo much work, but it is finally done, and I can't wait to show you.My husband designed the landscaping plan himself.  The next project to showcase here at all things thrifty is the side yard patio project. The before picture is pretty … [Read more...]

Backyard design finishing the details.


The never-ending  backyard project is getting closer and closer to completion. If you have missed the first ba-dillion posts about the progress, let me fill you in with the progress so far.Like any other project, you must have a "plan" to help you succeed. This is the backyard landscape design that my husband designed in his head. I am a more visual person, so in order to understand exactly what he had in mind, we … [Read more...]

Backyard update! Purple pots!


The backyard plan is ALMOST done!!! I am anxious to show you how much we have gotten done over the last few weeks! If you have missed these backyard posts, you are missin' out! I can't even tell you how much work it has been to get the yard done! Phew! The backyard plan was designed by my cute hubby who had a vision for the space. (Normally it's me with the vision, but this time, it was ALL him). He LOVES yard work, and … [Read more...]

Outdoor Swing Sets and How to prevent weeds in the long run.


The backyard projects are almost complete! Landscaping is HARD work. I have a new admiration for those that spend their careers in this field. We have been working on the backyard landscaping for over a month at this point, and I am running out of oomph. Any body have a good recipe for "instant energy!?!" I need it.I keep telling myself that I'm not getting old. I'll be 30 this year, and it is a bit shocking. I'm still … [Read more...]

Backyard Landscaping Design: Part 3 curbing and sod


The backyard is getting so close to being done!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!The curbing is done...and the sod is laid...It is finally starting to "feel" like a backyard! YAY!Stay tuned for more projects....they never end around here, ya know. :) … [Read more...]

Backyard Landscaping Design: Part 2


Our backyard is our number one project right now, and I posted "Part 1" of our backyard last week. The backyard project is in full force, and I thought you might like to see the progress of the process. :)A big project like this one takes the three P's: PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, and PERSEVERANCE. We have lived in our home for almost two years, and although I would have LOVED to have an instant backyard, it has been … [Read more...]