Good morning ATT readers! And happy long-weekend to you! I’m Beth from Sawdust and Embryos! Today I have a super fun/easy tutorial to share with you. We used an old papasan chair/cushion to make a cozy canopy for our twins’ new room! If you don’t already have a papasan chair lying around in your basement, you can find them almost anywhere... garage sales, thrift stores, craigslist. And for CHEAP too! We … [Read more...]


Gooooooooood MORNING my friends! Beth here from Sawdust and Embryos... and as always, I’m overjoyed to be here! My husband and I have been working away at our twins’ big-girl room in preparation for the day they’re throwing themselves out of their crib. Seeing as they’re 2.5, that could happen any day. So far, we’ve built and upholstered their mini fainting couch / toddler beds, stenciled the Herringbone Accent … [Read more...]


Mornin’ friends! Beth here from Sawdust and Embryos! I hope you have an exciting DIY-filled weekend planned! If not, I have a fun little project to inspire your creative juices to get flowing! On our gallery wall, I’m always looking for things that are sentimental or have a story. I don’t remember how the idea came to me, but I decided to make some wall art of the topographic surface of our acreage for Nick’s birthday … [Read more...]


Good morning friends! And Happy weekend! Beth here from Sawdust and Embryos! Today I’m going to share something that’s not so much a DIY project... but more of a life saver. Many of us will be traveling A LOT (raising hand!) this holiday season, and I want to stress the importance of driving smart and bring PREPARED. I put together a Winter Emergency Kit for our vehicle a couple years ago, and keep it in my car at all … [Read more...]


Good Morning friends! I’m Beth from Sawdust and Embryos, and it’s always such a pleasure to stop in each month and get creative all up in here! We all have (or know someone who has) brutal football rivalries going on in our immediate families. ‘House Divided’ if you will. So I’m going to show you how to make this ‘Broken’ Bracket-shaped Wall Art using simple pine 1x4’s! I did a google search for bracket-shapes, … [Read more...]


Hi Guys! Happy weekend! It’s always such a joy for me to stop in each month and throw down a tutorial for all you fabulous ATT readers! If you’re not familiar, I’m Beth from Sawdust and Embryos! Today I want to discuss how...  contrary to many of the pieces in our furniture portfolio, we’ve learned that PAINTING FURNITURE ISN’T ALWAYS THE ANSWER! It’s really about making a piece flow beautifully with a room’s … [Read more...]


Sweet/darling/gorgeous ATT Readers! It’s me Beth from Sawdust and Embryos! I’ll have you know that Brooke and I fiiiiiinally met in person a few weeks ago at Haven (despite being BFF’s for many moons... I mean OBVIOUSLY). Contributor and contributee... united at last. And let me just tell you that she is divine times infinity. And quite possibly one of the nicest people I’ve met. LIKE EVER. I’m saddened to … [Read more...]


  All I have to say is… HAPPY WEEKEND TO YOU!!! Can I get an amen? Beth here (from Sawdust and Embryos) and I’m going to go ahead and assume that you know me well enough by now that I can skip the formalities and jump right into our most recent furniture transformation!! We recently picked up this gorgeous antique Duncan Phyfe coffee table at a garage sale. It had a LOT of lovin-years on it, and it … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Cubes {Sawdust & Embryos}[8]

Happy Saturday my friends!!! I’m Beth from Sawdust and Embryos stopping in to share the goods! Nick and I have been busy times a million… stenciling, putting up crown molding, and potty-training a couple toddlers. But not too busy to stop in here and throw down a tutorial for ya… woohoo! Today I’m going to show you a little furniture project that we did using vinyl as a stencil! A friend of mine works at a health clinic, … [Read more...]

PAINT your backsplash to look like tile!! {Sawdust and Embryos}[4]

Hey guys!! It’s me, Beth (from Sawdust and Embryos) once again! Did ya miss me? I’m guessing not, since you follow my blog too! hehe… right? So listen… there’s an epic problem going on in our country, and it’s called: THE NAKED BACKSPLASH. Is your backsplash in the buff like mine was? Just a plain painted wall? It might be because tile is too expensive. Or maybe you can’t find tile in the colors you want. Or maybe you … [Read more...]