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I’ve been working on my girls’ room for six months. Okay that’s a lie. I’ve been working on it for over a year. {Shhhh, don’t t tell them that this isn’t normal}. They are used to living a disheveled life with their mattresses on the floor. When we moved in to our new house three years ago, I had just bought bunk beds. Well, the girls’ room has angled ceilings, and we couldn’t use the beds stacked. I sold them in February … [Read more...]

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Ok peeps, first of all, I hope you had a great weekend. I have been sicker than a dog. I have one. bad. cough. Yuck! I heard that whooping cough is going around in Utah, and I hope I don’t have it. I Googled it {BAD IDEA}. Now, I’ve got myself diagnosed with all sorts of BAAAAD viruses. The good thing is that I got to hang in my jammies all weekend. Ok, ok, I hang in my jammies 75% of my life anyway, but who’s keeping … [Read more...]


My entryway has been fun to decorate, but if you missed yesterday’s post, let me bring you up to speed. It’s been YEARS in the making. I had a few decorating challenges to hurdle.   #1 Challenge {WALL ANGLES}:The wall with the mirror has funky angles, so just anything would not fit. # 2 Challenge {HALLWAY MUST FUNCTION}: The wall is actually part of a hallway to my bedroom to the right, so everything needed to be … [Read more...]


When we bought our house almost THREE years ago, the house was very neutral and BOR-RING! So, we have been adding pizzaz and character ever since! The pictures below, demonstrate our journey of this process! In the picture above, you will see colored arrows that point to the part of the room that needed love and attention. Pink: the wall to the left of the mantle needed LOVE, and the room needed color! Yellow: The … [Read more...]


For those that may not know, every Friday here at All Things Thrifty, I highlight some amazing furniture for you to see! I love furniture, and creating fun, colorful, unique pieces of furniture for your home is a GREAT way to make it your own personalized space! Today’s freakin’ fantastic furniture post is being pulled from All Things Thrifty’s archives! {BUT, more importantly, it is a PREVIEW of what is happenin’ around … [Read more...]


I cannot believe that this is the last post of Jill’s house reveal! (sadness) It seems like I should have a LOT more to post about!! Showcasing the house is definitely the fun part though! I will have a tutorial or two to share, but this is the last reveal post. I hope you like it!   If you missed the living room and entry way, don’t forget to check them out!! One of my favorite things to do is bounce decorating ideas … [Read more...]

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  Decorating Jill’s House has been a lot of fun, and she LOVES country cottage style. It was a lot of fun to add some really fun conversation pieces to her living room, and I have to say that the sliding barn door is my absolute favorite part of this room. I love the entire room, but I especially love the authentic chippy white barn wood that we got from an old Barn in central Utah. (Thanks sis for hooking me up). … [Read more...]


Since my Wilding Wall Bed is my favorite project lately, and since I have had several questions about it, today I want to give more information about their DIY kit. To those of you who are not familiar with what a wall bed is (also called a murphy bed) it is basically a bed that is stored in the wall. It is great for small spaces or a guest room. A wall bed makes it possible to have a bed on hand for visitors when you … [Read more...]


Howdy Peeps! Today I get to unveil an amazing project that is soooo fun! Do you remember back when I was having the room dilemma about where to put my new baby? Creed is our fourth child, and we have five bedrooms; however, one of those bedrooms is our office (and main location for All Things Thrifty). The other kids are upstairs, which will be the future destination for the baby also, but I didn't want to jump to that … [Read more...]


Remember my tufted ottoman post about a year ago? Well, since my three kids turned it into a washcloth for Ragu sauce, it has sat in my garage waiting for attention.When I chose the original turquoise (yes it looks white, but it is actually turquoise) fabric, the lady at Calico Corner raved about how "stain resistant" it was, so I spent extra. Lesson learned....NEVER spend $20.00 a yard on ANY fabric. My kids had honestly … [Read more...]