Leather Barstools Blue Ribbon Award

Nov 25th, 2011

Every so often, I get a submission that knocks my socks off. I have to thank April Nielson for sending me the barstool project. April is a loyal All Things Thrifty fan that I have had the opportunity to meet in person! In fact, her and her sister Summer have been to my house and every time they comment on my site, I find myself CRACKING up! They are so much fun. On Halloween, April and Summer came to see our pumpkin … [Read more...]

Tutorial: How to do Diamond Tufting

Aug 17th, 2011

One of my favorite things to do here at All Things Thrifty is to provide a step by step tutorial for those that would like to recreate a project themselves. I also like to take something that I have never done it before and "figure it out" so to speak. So, with the help of a friend, we now know the dos and don'ts of diamond tufting. I am not new to tufting, but I always wanted to find out how to make the deep tufts that … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art

Aug 5th, 2011

Finding custom decor items can get VERY pricey, and since most of us don't have a lot of extra cash these days, DIY decorating is getting more and more popular.┬áMaking custom decor pieces yourself can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, and the great thing about All Things Thrifty, is that I TEACH YOU how to do it! :) I decided to update my master bedroom wall art to a quatrefoil design, and I wanted to … [Read more...]

White Bedding add character and charm for under $30.00

Jun 20th, 2011

As you may have guessed, I love to change my decor. White bedding allows me to change my pillows and decor in my master bedroom as often as I would like. I love having white bedding. It makes my room feel light and airy. My old white comforter has gotten stained from the kiddos, and the comforter that was once white, was now of tinge of yellowish sadness. I had tried to dry it in my drier, and it was too big to fit. When … [Read more...]

Yellow and Gray Master Bedroom by Chelsea, Feature Friday

Jun 17th, 2011

Today's feature Friday is all about Chelsea's yellow and gray master bedroom transformation. Check out the end result! How fun!Chelsea sent me an e-mail telling me all about her transformation inspiration (my master bedroom) and I was so stinkin' proud of her for all the work she put into making her room PERFECT for her. They got busy refinishing furniture that they bought from yard sales and estate sales and soon they … [Read more...]