Before you take this opportunity to grab a nap thinking “Who needs a whole blog post about brush care?!?” Let me get your attention with this fantastic selfie:   I don’t mean to scare you. Then again, Yes I do. Your brushes could look like my hair if you don’t keep reading… If you have been painting with chalk paint for any amount of time, you know the best brushes have natural, chisel-tipped … [Read more...]


  I get a lot of questions about my Silhouette on a daily basis, and long time readers know that I’ve been “pro” Silhouette for a long time. Heck, I have sooo many Silhouette projects, I stopped counting.  BUT, I’m sure you have noticed the hubbabaloo from all over the web about the “new” Cricut machine. I’m a trier and a doer. I have to try things myself. So although I had some great blog friends tell me about … [Read more...]


I am SO excited! I get to give away ANOTHER Silhouette CAMEO! But, this is going to be FAST. We have less than 12 hours before I announce the winner!! So RUN, not walk to enter {or sit in your computer chair}! HA! I love my CAMEO! You will too! a Rafflecopter giveaway P.S. The Silhouette Black Friday Sale is still going on by the way! It’s an awesome sale. I’ll put the details below. Check out the … [Read more...]


We made our own wrapping paper this year with my trusty Silhouette! I wrapped the gifts with brown masking paper from the hardware store {super cheap!} Then, I cut gold vinyl in all sorts of shapes and patterns and stuck it on the gifts! Easy as pie. I used my Silhouette, and I love that each image is easy to find and costs less than $1. PLUS, you can use any fonts that you have on your computer … [Read more...]


I am really excited for the Black Friday sale that is planned for next THURSDAY! WAIT, a Black Friday sale that actually starts on THURSDAY!!?! YEP! Maybe we need to call it a different name. Hmmmmm. Turkey Thursday? It just doesn’t sound the same as “Black Friday”. Plus, Black Friday is always the best sale of the year from the peeps at Silhouette! In order to get a HUGE discount on Thursday, you will use the code … [Read more...]


  Who puts CARPET in a bathroom?!? We bought our house in 2009 not 1970, and although it wasn’t a deal breaker for us, we haven’t liked it since we moved in. This picture was from the MLS listing from when we  bought our house.  Although the carpet was an eyesore, my kids love the jetted tub, but as you can imagine, they aren’t super careful and they get water everywhere. So, when Homewerks gave us the … [Read more...]

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We LOVE our IntelliBED. After years of sleep deprivation we have finally found the perfect bed to help with Dan's back pain and to help us get a more restful sleep! Read our Sleep Story for more of the nitty gritty details. Some of you may wonder why we decided to do a Webinar about Sleep Wellness! The easiest answer is that our lives have changed over the past 2 months for the better because we are now getting a lot more … [Read more...]

Tips for a better sleep

If you are like us, there is never a dull moment in your life. We run, no we sprint from one thing to the next. If we aren’t at dance, we are at soccer. If we aren’t at soccer we are at baseball or choir or the Pinewood Derby…etc. If we aren’t at an extracurricular event for our kiddos, we are doing a project. The disastrous saga goes on and on. In the last few months, we came to the realization that our lifestyle was … [Read more...]

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  You all know how much I love my Silhouette CAMEO, AND, this is the very lowest price I have EVER seen it for sale. I use mine all the time. If you need me to email your husband, leave your email in the comments. I will email him for you. HA! {But, really I’m serious. I will!} 40 percent off at (Offer only valid at Expires November 30, 2012. Rain checks not available.% … [Read more...]

Shabbyapple Swim

  Drum roll PLEASE……THE WINNER IS JESSICA comment #308!Jessica said... jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com I Follow All Things Thrifty on Twitter June 9, 2012 9:06 PM Jessica has 24 hours to claim her prize! Thank you for participating! I loved giving away $100.00 to Shabby Apple who is one of my favorite companies out there! I am super excited to announce that the peeps over at Shabby Apple have decided … [Read more...]