Free Printable: Rain and Snow Wall Art

Oct 9th, 2014
Free Printable: Black and White Rain and Snow Wall Art | All things Thrifty contributor Trisha D from Black and White Obsession

Hello, Hello, Hello ATT lovelies! Trisha here from Black and White Obsession, back again with another set of FREE printables for you!  This time I’ve created six different color combinations which I lovingly refer to as “Rain and Snow Wall Art.” Fall is upon us with the fresh crisp air and the beautiful leaves are beginning to change. If you’re in the northern zone like I am, we’re teetering between warm and cool … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Memo Board

Sep 2nd, 2014
diy memo board supplies

A big hello to the coolest people I know!  I'm happy to be back with you today.  It's Kenz here from Interiors By Kenz.  Is it just me, or did this summer completely fly by?  I'm still scratching my head about how we ended up here in September. My project today is inspired by 'back to school' season.  The smell of school supplies always makes my heart flutter.  (Nerd alert!)  This memo board would be great to refresh … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Camping Wall Art

Aug 14th, 2014
Free Printable Camping Wall Art | All things Thrifty contributor Trisha D from Black and White Obsession

Howdy ATT lovelies! Trisha here from Black and White Obsession, back again with another set of FREE printables for you! With Labor Day quickly approaching, why not decorate with one of the best Labor-Day pass times… CAMPING! Ahh, can you just picture it?! Feet up, roasting marshmallows, can full of bug spray, sun setting, just enjoying the fresh air and glorious outdoors. Doesn’t get much better than that! You … [Read more...]

Modern White and Gold Lamp

Jun 26th, 2014

y'all. I just about died when I found out I would be contributing to All Things Thrifty. Seriously. I began to think maybe I had stayed up way too late again, painting in the garage, and my brain wasn't quite awake. After inhaling caffeine I realized it was true and I could not be more thrilled to be part of Brooke's team! My name is Allison and I blog at Two Thirty~Five Designs in a tiny corner of Texas. I have a … [Read more...]

DIY Art Canvas with REAL Texture!

Jun 10th, 2014
MUST PIN! DIY Art Canvas with REAL TEXTURE! Full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body for All Things Thrifty!

Hello All Things Thrifty readers!  I am over the moon excited to be contributing to All Things Thrifty and sharing my debut post with you all. First, let me introduce myself :)  I am Tasha and I blog over at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. I mostly blog about thrifty DIY renovations and simple crafts, but I also blog about lifestyle tips that I have learned over the course of my life with my 3 1/2 year old … [Read more...]

Abstract Heart Free Printable

Feb 3rd, 2014

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and even though this isn’t a Valentine’s Day decoration at my house, it can totally be a seasonal decoration in yours! I whipped it up in Photoshop, and I thought I would share it before Valentine’s had come and gone! Go to my Free Printables page to download the 8X10 PDF file. This picture was taken before we installed our molding boxes below the gallery … [Read more...]

How to Paint Ombre Stripes EASILY!

Sep 18th, 2013

You all know that I am FINALLY done with Lexee's girls room! I am in love with this project and the main focal point in the room are these ginormous letters above her girls' beds!  Although I do cut my own letters with a jigsaw at times, this particular project I didn’t. We were short on time so we ordered them this time. We bought the letters from Craft Cuts, and they are fantastic! We got the letters in just a few … [Read more...]

How to distress craft projects quickly and easily {by Kelli from Lolly Jane}

Jun 28th, 2013

Hey there ATT readers! Kelli here from Lolly Jane, an eclectic DIY/home improvement blog filled with budget friendly ways to spruce up your spaces, and I'm simply stoked to be with Brooke and friends today (: I'm in the middle of sprucing up my craft room... slowly but surely. Verrrrrrry slowly. LOL Herringbone stenciled bookcase, check. Crib mattress turned bulletin board, check. Organizational numbered crates, check. … [Read more...]

Did you have a good Thanksgiving!?!

Nov 27th, 2012
there is always something to be thankful for_thumb[1]

We spent Thanksgiving in SLC this year.The five-hour trip to SLC was long, but I’m happy we went! Now that we are home, I can’t wait to put up our Christmas decorations. I have one problem though, the entire house is strewn with dirty clothes! Don’t ya love going out of town only to return to a three day “dig out” of laundry, cleaning, and unpacking?!!? On a more positive note, Thanksgiving was an absolute blast. We … [Read more...]

Basic plaid painted wall and a HUGE Sherwin-Williams SALE!!

Nov 6th, 2012
girls room ideas_thumb[1]

Yes, you read that correctly, I said PLAID. I will explain, just give me time. Yo, yo, yo! Did you think I dropped off the face of the planet? I know that projects have been sparse lately, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been doing any. We have been up to our eyelids in projects around here.  Plus, I’ve been sick lately. Yeah, I won’t give you a sob story, but it hasn’t been fun. My family is ready for me to be … [Read more...]