Ever since we installed hardwood on the main level of our home, we have needed a stair makeover. In fact, in the reveal post linked above, look at the stairs in the entryway. The stairs are peeking into the picture.


The floors were a big job, and we may or may not have been a bit burnt out. Ripping out tile wasn’t easy, and I just wasn’t feeling another disaster in our home asap. So, as a result, our stairs sat looking sad, but the rest of the house was such an improvement from our ugly carpet, that I didn’t even mind. 

Well, something lit inside me this week, and we started ripping the carpet off the stairs. Don’t they look fabulous!?! {Sense the sarcasm}.

Sad Stairs

At least I’ll be forced to work on them, right? 

Stay tuned! 

I have a vision, and I can’t wait to see how it pans out!