Dan isn’t the type of husband that just says, “Yes Dear.” In fact, when he says those words, it is only to taunt me. He always has an opinion, and most of the time it is appreciated, but at times it is tricky when there are too many opinions if you catch what I’m dropping.

As you know, we are almost done with our flooring project. <—Hallelujah! And Dan has been quite hilarious about finding “soft” rugs. I, on the other hand, am searching for color.

I’ll send him a picture, and his only reaction is, “Is it soft?” I want to scream, “NO! But it’s FREAKING AMAZING!”

Evidence exhibit #1:IMG_6119

As you can see, I’m more concerned with the colors than the softness, but that’s just the decorator in me. Isn’t that ^ rug FABULOUS!?!

In my quest for soft and colorful rugs {with an emphasis on color, ahem}, I’ve searched for rugs for weeks. It’s a hobby/obsession of mine. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a deep, real love for almost all rugs. I feel like I have ADD {Attention Decorating Disorder} because one minute I can picture a beautiful green rug in my space, and the next I’m mentally decorating the area with a navy blue one! Then, out of no where I am overtaken by this intense love for colorful rugs. Houston, we have a problem. I WANT ALL THE THINGS. Obviously, I can’t have all the things.

I even went on a whirlwind of a shopping trip to Vegas yesterday to find “the one” and I went to millions of stores to no avail {ok. Not millions, but it feels like millions when you get home at 2am}.

After the shopping marathon, I decided that shopping online for rugs is definitely the best choice. Too bad I had to learn that the hard way. But in my defense, buying rugs online can be tricky. And last time I ordered a rug it was PLASTIC when it came! I just wanted to touch the rugs myself this time. Unfortunately, I found that impossible. Even traveling two hours away from home to Anthropologie to touch their rugs ended up being a bust. They don’t carry 95% of their rugs in the store. Good times. I won’t complain.  It was fun nonetheless.

After narrowing the field this morning, I have ten rugs to show you, and some of them are waaaaay too expensive, but they are all on my list of great rugs that could transform my living room perfectly. I like to look at the expensive rugs too because it is always a possibility to find a more inexpensive rug that can help obtain the same feel.  You will notice that there are a few different styles in my collection, and I’m sure you won’t be surprised after the mention of my self-diagnosis of ADD above.

Anthropologie Gloria's Garden Rug

Picture 1 of 10

 Rug #1 Rug#2 Rug #3 Rug #4 Rug #5 Rug #6 Rug #7 Rug #8 Rug #9 Rug #10

Wish me luck on my rug quest. In the mean time, I’ll be rocking to myself in the corner saying, “Marriage is all about compromise. Marriage is all about compromise.” As I bury the urge to buy all the  amazing scratchy Kilim Turkish rugs on Ebay

Happy Hump Day!