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We love to glam up old furniture!

We scored this bedroom set on Craigslist!


At first glance, boring beige is what this set had going for it.

But we loved the lines of the pieces, the legs, and that curvy footboard!

We wanted it to remain a coordinated set, but not too ” matchy matchy”.

shingles mirror 2

 We wanted to stain the tops.


Normally, we would just sand off the paint and stain it, but these pieces had many past lives,

as in, lots of layers of paint!

So, we pulled out the serious stuff!

DSC_0529Love that this has zero harsh fumes.

It can be used safely indoors and you don’t have to fear for the life of your lungs!

Should be used with temps. between 65-85 degrees.


Apply liberally and then let it do its thing!

After 30 minutes.DSC_0302I ran some errands ,

After one hour.

DSC_0305Now for the fun part!

Glides right off!

Smooth as butta!

DSC_0314We then followed it up with an all over mild sanding,

focusing more heavily on the damaged areas for a smooth finish.

DSC_0318Then start the painting!

Absolutely Love this new paint color!

Sherwin Williams “Halycon Green”

And no, you don’t need a fancy paint sprayer or paint room. Trash bags and the kitchen floor work just fine. :)


Once we finish painting a piece, there’s always the decision,

to distress or not distress?

This shows the piece distressed on the right,

left alone on the left.

My motto:

When in doubt….Distress!




 Stain color is:

Varathanes Dark Walnut


DSC_0505   DSC_0477


DSC_0459    DSC_0252

Final:  BeforeDSC_04511

And, After.

That’s not the end of this pretty bedroom set makeover,

Originally this bedroom set had another dresser that went with it.


DSC_0142It is now serving it’s life as part of an entertainment center that Liz designed and “built”!

Requires zero building skills!

See that fun transformation here

The power of paint!

Works every time! We love it!

Come see how paint transformed our childhood farmhouse entryway!



And what’s a girl to do when her roof is blowing off?!

Build cedar shingle mirrors of course!

DSC_0250Come see that fun project here

If you want to see more furniture makeovers and our farmhouse transformation (Huge work in progress)

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