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DIY Wingback Headboard Tutorial with FREE pattern

This article is brought to you by HGTV’s “Flipping the Block”, airing Sundays at 9/8c only on HGTV.


I love HGTV, and I can’t wait to watch this new season of Flipping the Block!. It’s right down my alley! Today I’m sharing a project of my own in honor of this fun show!

Do you ever psych yourself out about a project? You may know the type of project I’m talking about. The one that is always on your mind, but you just don’t seem to make it a priority.

Well, our master bedroom just might fall into that category. I’ve had it on my mental “to do” list for over ten months. I guess that’s what I get for having a mental “to do” list a mile long. I’ve posted about the progress and the plan, but then I put it on the back-burner.  What the heck!?! I posted about the plan in September of 2013!!! I should be embarrassed, but it’s just life. So I can’t be, or I would need to apologize every day!

Here’s a little look at the bedroom from where we left off:

Priming_over_dark_walls (3) master-bedroom-all-things-thrifty

Hold onto your hats folks, but the bedroom is DONE!! I’ll be posting the full reveal this week, but let me teach you how to make this freakin’ bomb dot com headboard first. It truly is fantastic in person, so hopefully the pictures do it justice!


The headboard took us less than 24 hours! I promise, it’s definitely doable in one weekend. Gathering the supplies is the hardest part in my opinion!


I posted the debate about the headboard shape, and we chose “E” for our project, and when I searched online for a pattern for that headboard shape, I couldn’t find one. So, I made a pattern as a free download in case someone wants to make their own version. What can I say, I’m cool like that. I accept payment in cookies.

headboard shapes winnerwingback pattern free copy

Free pattern PDF

Before I get into the tutorial part of this post, let me warn you that this post is looooong, but pictures demonstrate the process so much better than words at times, so forgive me.

Step 1: Take this amazingly free download and project it onto a 78” X 48”  sheet of plywood… {these measurements are for a KING size bed}. Quick tip: When you buy the plywood, just ask the nice associates to cut it for you at the store. That way you are ready to roll when you get home.


Trace the pattern with a pencil. trace-the-headboard-pattern

Step 2: Cut it out with a jigsaw. Listen peeps, I promise you do not need a handy dandy man for this. I just happened to live with one of those {I know I’m lucky, you can hate me if you need to}, but I could do this myself and have many many times. So don’t stress. It’s easy peasy.

cut-along-the-line-with-a-jigsaw make-a-smooth-steady-cut

Don’t forget to trace the two wings to your wingback headboard too. These two sheets of plywood need to be 16 inches wide and 66.5 inches tall. We wanted our wings to go all the way down to the floor, so that’s why our wings are taller than the middle piece.


We actually only traced one with the pattern and then laid one on top of the other and traced it that way. It was faster than using the projector. how-to-make-a-wingback-headboard-free-pattern

Step 3: Sand the edges of your plywood with 220 grit sandpaper. It goes much faster with an electric sander. sand-the-rough-edges-with-220-sand-paper

Step 4: Glue together three outdoor foam pieces. {I bought mine at The Home Depot for around $17 each}. I used spray adhesive to glue them together, but you can also hot glue them. I’ve done that in the past.

glue-foam-together-with-spray-adhesive (2) glue-foam-together-with-spray-adhesive (1)

Step 5: Glue the foam to the board by using spray adhesive. I sprayed the board and then placed it on top of the foam.

spray-your-backer-board-with-spray-adhesive place-the-board-on-your-foam

Step 6: Cut the foam to the exact size of the board. Quick tip: If you use an electric carving knife it cuts like butter.

Step 7: Glue two more foam pieces to the wings. {We used five foam pieces total}.

use-a-kitchen-carving-knife-to-cut-the-foam now-the-headboard-is-starting-to-take-shape

Step 8: Upholster those bad boys. Use this tutorial for step by step instructions on upholstery.


We first tacked the cotton batting on with our pneumatic staple gun, and then trimmed it with scissors. Side note: A good pair of scissors would work soooo much better than the ones that  my kids have used to open popsicles for the last three months.

wrap-the-headboard-in-batting trim-the-batting

Then the we pulled the fabric tight and stapled it.

upholstering-a-headboard king-size-headboard-diy

In order to have fabric long enough for the wings, I sewed a piece to the bottom of the fabric. After I had fabric long enough, we upholstered the wings too.


Step 9: After the three pieces are upholstered on the foam side, turn the wings over and staple piping along the outside edge. I bought the piping at the local fabric store.

The outside panels of the wings are the trickiest part, so I’ll try and illustrate what I’m talking about with a few images. how to upholster the wings copystaple-piping

Note: You only need piping on the top and front of your wings, not the back or bottom.

staple-on-the-piping (2) staple-on-the-piping (1)

Step 10: Staple curve ease / ply grip to the inside edge of the piping. You can get this at a local upholstery shop, or I bought mine on Ebay.  curvease-ply-grip-upholstery-tacking


I used a heavy duty staple gun for this. using-heavy-duty-stapler

I learned that having each hole stapled is a much better idea than skipping some because then the ply grip stays exactly where you want it to.  staple-on-the-curve-ease-ply-grip-upholstery-tacking

Step 11: take your thumb and push the hardware down about half (2)

Step 12: Cut a piece of cotton batting and fabric to fit the side of your wings. I laid the batting right on top and trimmed it with scissors. Then I placed the fabric on top and trimmed it right along the outside of the piping.

how-to-finish-the-sides-of-an-upholstered-chair-with-ply-grip (3)

Step 13: Use a flat-head screw driver and push the fabric into the jaws of the ply grip….       how-to-finish-the-sides-of-an-upholstered-chair-with-ply-grip (4)

then push it down with your thumb. how-to-finish-the-sides-of-an-upholstered-chair-with-ply-grip (5)

Step 14: After your fabric is pushed into the ply grip, use a rubber mallet to tighten it down. how-to-finish-the-sides-of-an-upholstered-chair-with-ply-grip (1)

Do not staple the back and bottom fabric to your wing yet.

Step 15: Screw the wings to the middle piece with large L metal brackets.

l brackets

Make sure you place the brackets underneath the fabric so they are hidden.


Step 16: Staple the side fabric around the back and pull the fabric and staple it along the bottom also. You will have some extra fabric that needs to be stapled. We just rolled it and stapled it to the back since it won’t show.


We stapled black weed mat to the back to cover up the ugly staple mess. We are legit like that.


I am dying over how massive this bad boy is! But, it’s PERFECT! It’s the perfect masculine touch to our master bedroom! I hope you like it!


Don’t forget to tune into “Flipping the Block”, airing Sundays at 9/8c on HGTV!

Four teams, four run-down condos, one winner. Host Josh Temple will lead you through the action as the teams compete to completely remodel a condo before selling it at auction. The team with the highest sale price wins the $50,000 prize. Watch as some of the country’s most talented handymen and handywomen test their skills each week through a series of challenges, ranging from repair work to full construction builds.



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