Turquoise, polka dots, white, and silver polish idea


My friend just left for Hawaii.  #jealous

Anyway, these are the super cute nails she did before she left! Aren’t they so fun!?

Colors used:

EZ Flow Tantalizing Trapeze

Harmony Gelish Arctic Freeze

Fine silver glitter

To see other nail creations, click HERE! And check out our All Things Girlie Pinterest board too!



{If you are local and would like your nails painted too, email me and I’ll send you her info, but let’s be clear, she is MY best friend, you can’t have her}.


One Hutch, Styled Three Ways


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Strawberry Brownie Toffee Trifle Dessert {All Things Delicious}


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Paper Laurel Wreath


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Cricut VS Silhouette which one is better? {an unsponsored opinion}


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Cute Fingernail Polish Idea {Mint, Black, White, and Silver}


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Kit Kat Oat Bars

Kit Kat Oat Bars

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Easy DIY Memo Board

diy memo board supplies

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Coral, Gold, and White Fingernail Polish


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Better Homes and Gardens Headquarters!


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