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One Year of Home Ownership!

Front of house

We had a friend tell us that when you own a home, the projects never end. That every weekend we would have "something" to work on. He was right!Last week marked our one year anniversary of being home owners. I can't believe it has already been a has flown by! I thought it would be fun to feature the before and after photos of what has taken place over the last year. It has been a process, and it has been a … [Continue reading...]

Happy 4th of July!


Hello readers, I don't know about you, but sometimes I have to forget about life and lose myself in a good book. This weekend was full of reading, family, fireworks, and fun!I don't recommend books often because I only recommend them when they are soooo stinkin' good that I can't put them down. I definitely recommend these two books. I give them both 5 stars. TWO thumbs up. You. Will. Love. Them. They are called The … [Continue reading...]

Feature Friday: The Power of PAINT!


I love getting pictures of projects, and it never ceases to amaze me what a little paint can do! Today my Feature Friday goes to Lisa, Ashley, and Meredith!My first Feature Friday is from Lisa Danielson. She painted her high chair for her daughter's first birthday. I love the bright pink color she chose!I love it!Isn't is amazing what a little paint will do!?!? Ashley over at Oh so lovely is new to the blog world, … [Continue reading...]

Mary Jane Confetti fabric at JoAnn’s


Every day I get emails from readers with questions. Sometimes the questions are about painting, redoing furniture, reupholstering, or other topics. One of my most frequently asked questions is about this fabric.I surprised myself that I have never posted the answer on the site. I guess it just slipped through the cracks because I thought I had, and hopefully you get the feeling that I am not trying to withhold ANY … [Continue reading...]

Cover up ugly LCD TV brackets


Do you have a flat screen TV with ugly brackets to mount it like this one?In order to hang our LCD TVs or flat screens on the wall, we have to use large industrial brackets to secure them in place. After the TV has been hung, most of the brackets are hidden, but from the side, sometimes the brackets peek out, and I have been searching for a thrifty way to cover up those ugly LCD TV brackets for a while. I have this … [Continue reading...]

More Free T-shirt designs for Twilight Eclipse!


I am a total freak, and I cannot WAIT for Twilight Eclipse that is coming out Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. Whenever I see the trailers, I get cold chills! Can you say NERD!?!? It's ok...I embrace my nerdi-ness. Since I love my readers :), I thought it would be fun to feature some more t-shirt designs for this coming Twilight Eclipse event. My friend Natasha, who is multi-talented and VERY creative, designed … [Continue reading...]

Feature Friday: Desk Redo by Amanda!


One main point that I try to make through All Things Thrifty is that no one should be afraid to paint over wood. Yes, I said PAINT over wood. Sometimes I think this is the biggest hang up for people. They think, well, I don't like it, but it is a wood/oak/mahogany color that is in good shape.This is my advice. If you don't like the color, who cares if it is wood. PAINT IT. Amanda did just that. She primed the bad boy … [Continue reading...]

Welcome Susan Brown as a new sponsor!


I would like to welcome Susan Brown as a new sponsor here at All Things Thrifty. This lady is one TALENTED chica. I absolutely love her style and she told me herself that her painting inspiration started by painting old furniture.  She also loved to get inspiration from beautiful homes in home decorator magazines. I have to show you a few of my favorites of her art. I LOVE this one!  Can't you see this … [Continue reading...]

Curved Shower Curtain Rod


When decorating a bathroom, a fun way to change the shape of the room is to include a curved shower curtain rod into the design. I loved this curved curtain rod. I got the chance to help decorate this bathroom, so I thought it would be fun to show you a few pictures. This particular bathroom is decorated around the shower curtain colors. Which is perfect due to the neutral color on the walls. The shower curtain came … [Continue reading...]

Dining Room Table Transformation!


Have you ever worked on a project for so long that you forgot when you actually started? :) I've had this table in my garage for quite some time. She needed extra love and extra effort, but man her transformation has been FUN!  It was love at first sight! I knew when I first saw her, that she had potential. I even looked past her mismatched colors. I loved her octagon shape, and I LOVED that she came with two … [Continue reading...]