$8.00 lamps!


I found these lamps at the D.I. (Utah's version of Goodwill) for only $8.00 each. I wish I would have taken a picture of them with their huge lamp shade from the 70's so you could get the full effect of how ugly they were before their transformation, but it slipped my mind. I found this image online, and it is pretty darn close to what the lamp shade looked like. Doesn't it look dashing? The lamps were covered … [Continue reading...]

Painting Furniture 101


Painting furniture seems to be one of most favorite topics of a lot of questions, so today I'd like to teach you some "tricks of the trade" if you will about painting furniture. First of all, the brand of spray paint that you buy makes an ENORMOUS difference. And, yes to those of you who are wondering i did mean to say "SPRAY" paint. I'll go into more detail about that in a minute. Do not buy the crappy $1.00 a … [Continue reading...]

Welcome Madison Reece Designs!


I'd like to welcome Madison Reese Designs as a new sponsor here at All Things Thrifty. Holy cow does Melissa have some DARLING stuff over there!! You should hop on over to the Madison Reese Shop and check out her cute line of jewelry!I thought I'd give you a little preview! Love it, love it!A Note from Melissa:"I am a T-shirt & Jeans kind of girl, this is why I created this line. I know there are many other moms out … [Continue reading...]

SYTYCD Week 7: Building Materials…Decorative Wall Art


Building materials are my friend, and I have to admit I am pretty darn lucky in this department. I have the handiest husband around.  Whenever I have an idea, he is my "go to" guy for sure.  He is a good sport, and honestly, this project was designed by Brooke, but it was executed by Dan. What a hunk, huh!MDF is a common building material that is perfect for projects like this one, and the greatest thing … [Continue reading...]

SYTYCD Week 6 results.


The results are in! I'm thrilled to announce that All Things Thrifty won 2nd place this week! Woot Woot. Congratulations to Donna at Funky Junk who received first place. If you haven't visited the other contestants in the contest, you have got to! What an amazing group of talented ladies! There is a link to all of them on the sidebar. The project for week 7 has been submitted and SYTYCD will resume tomorrow at 7:00pm … [Continue reading...]

Feature Friday!


Today I'd like to show you a bunch of reader's projects that have been sent in to All Things Thrifty. I honestly LOVE to see your projects it serves as a HUGE reward for me. I have to show these projects off to all of you. This first project comes from Nikki Sherriff.  I loved her glazing job, and it looks absolutely amazing. You can visit Nikki HERE! Hop on over and show her some love ?. Before … [Continue reading...]

Parade of Homes St. George 2010 House #11…still on my mind!


To those that may have missed the post about the St. George, Utah Parade of Homes in February, I thought I would remind you how WONDERFUL this house was. It was number 11. I loved it. I just thought I'd remind you all again. Sigh. Doesn't it just look dreamy? Honestly I can't stop thinking about it. The Heritage Hotties (Heritage Design) decorated this bad boy. Their names are Joni Christensen, Joelle Nelson, Chris … [Continue reading...]

Super cute window valance idea!


A few days ago, I posted about a window valance idea. I have to share another idea of what you could do with a window valance. First of all, window valances are a great way to add some dimension to a wall with only windows. That is how my wall was. Because of the windows, I couldn't hang any art, and I didn't want to paint the wall. (In my case, there was plenty of color on the other walls in the room.)Here is a … [Continue reading...]

The only way to make a window curtain


Window treatments can really help to make your home feel decorated. I have a lot of people ask me questions like "what would you do with this wall...etc" and the FIRST thing I notice is that most of these homes don't have curtains. Now, don't take this statement to the extreme. I don't have curtains on EVERY window in my house either. Curtains are however, a great way to introduce more color in your home, and that … [Continue reading...]

SYTYCD week 5 results.


We were so excited to see that All Things Thrifty got first place in week 5 of SYTYCD. This contest has been so much fun, and the other contestants are SOOOO impressive.Thank you for all of you who are actively participating in the contest. I know Stephanie over at Alchemy Junk has put a TON of effort and work into putting the contest together and "airing" each weeks blogisode.There is one change this week that we … [Continue reading...]