I know blog land is mainly in full bore Christmas mode already, but let’s be honest, I’m not that organized. In fact, I just barely got my Thanksgiving mantle done. I have nothing against those amazing bloggers out there that are already planning their Valentine’s projects, but I’m not that person. I am lucky if I remember to brush my hair on a daily basis {<----sad but true}. My kids are in love this these fun … [Read more...]

Corn wreath 1[7]

I was thrilled to be part of Amy's Fall Festival {over at The Idea Room}last week. I love her blog, and I wanted to share the project with my readers too! I hope you like it!This project most likely won’t cost you a dime to make. You can’t beat FREE right!?!?You will need:A corn field {HA! yep, I said a corn field}, Scissors, A plastic bag, A pool noodle {Summer is over so just use an old one you have laying around or go … [Read more...]