Multi-Functioning Coffee Table {Kid’s Art Supply Storage AND Flower Planter in one!}


  Sometimes it’s hard to create that balance between a chaotic house and a clean house, and every single day I found myself pulling out the art supplies for my daughter Londyn. She loves to draw, and I decided that instead of putting away the art supplies multiple times a week, we would make a permanent table in the family room for her crayons and colored pencils. The great thing about the table though is that the … [Read more...]

I love this quote!


When I was in the brunt of my Master’s degree program, I was an absolute mess. I had just had a miscarriage, I worked full time, I had two young kiddos ages 3 and 2 at home, and I was teaching two college classes to fulfill my requirements of my assistantship. I’m not sure a “mess” is even accurate. I was drowning. I was overwhelmed. I was ready to quit. One day I was in the shower after a terrible day and all I could … [Read more...]

December Series: A little about us. Part 1: How I met my husband.


  Can you believe it is DECEMBER!?! I cannot even believe it. In fact, I forgot to put out our elf on the shelf! Crapity crap. BUT, I’m really excited to announce that I will be posting almost every day in December! Some posts will be projects, and others will be posts about me and my family. I hope you enjoy them. I don’t discuss religion often around here, but it is a huge part of my life, and lately I have … [Read more...]

Who influences you? Miley Cyrus controversy…


When I was 17 years old, I distinctly remember being interviewed for a scholarship at Southern Utah University. I was nervous that day, but I was determined to do my best. They asked me a question that threw me off, but it wasn’t a very hard question. They asked me, “Who is your hero?” I sat there for a few seconds before I answered honestly, “My hero is my Mom.” I remember specifically explaining how kind my Mom was. I … [Read more...]

Ulrich Family Pumpkin Extravaganza 2013


Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Here are the 2013 Halloween Pumpkin carvings! Our crowd favorites this year was the Duck Dynasty crew. But the Star Wars pumpkins were also a big hit! If you missed our previous years of pumpkins, check them out from 2010, 2011 and 2012! … [Read more...]

Rug decision has been made!! {Master Bedroom Makeover}


First of all, RugsUSA is having their 80% off sale right now. I have bought several rugs from them and I’ve always been extremely happy with them. {I’ve heard a few rare problems with ordering from them from others, but I have always had a great experience myself}. I just wanted to be upfront about that in case someone has a problem with an order. I’m not affiliated with RugsUSA in anyway, but I love their 80% off sale so … [Read more...]

Colorful Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room ideas for kids!

I’m about to show you a room that I never intended to. My horrible, cluttered laundry room is a space that I keep the door shut. I’m not proud of it. In fact, most of the time it stinks in there like sour towels. Can you relate? I’m not the perfect housewife. In fact, I have been known to forget about a load of laundry in the washer for a few DAYS, yes days. In fact, there are times when I restart the sour load of laundry … [Read more...]

Us. A weight loss update.


We had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago. Is it bad that this is my favorite picture we took that day? It’s my favorite because while making the faces, my double chin was temporarily hidden. The end. Let’s just say that yellow isn’t my color. Tears were shed after looking at some of the rest. Unflattering is an understatement. HA! I have shared my feelings about weight loss several times here at All … [Read more...]

Teaching kids responsibility {in my own way}


Some days I find myself screaming, “YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE!” {at my kids, but only in my head}. I grew up on a farm. We worked HARD, and sometimes I feel like my kids are sissies. {If you ever tell them I said that I will deny it}. Do you ever have a day where you are bound and determined to teach your kids responsibility!?! I know, it’s impossible for it to happen in one day, but tonight, I was having one of “those” … [Read more...]

Super Mom Cups {Happy Mother’s Day!}


Happy Mother's DAY! We made these adorable cups for our Mother's Day gifts this year, and although I wanted to post about them a few weeks ago here on All Things Thrifty, I decided that I wanted to surprise my Mom and MIL before I posted about the project. {Please forgive me, and tuck the idea away for Mother's Day  next year...or a birthday gift...etc}. But, now that they have hopefully opened their cups, I can show … [Read more...]