Sprayed Upholstery 10

You know that ugly chair that has good bones but is too embarrassingly homely to keep anywhere that others can see it? You may have handed it down to your newly married kids who can’t afford new furniture. Or, you may have donated it to your neighbors. It looks something like this: GO GET IT BACK! NOW! TRUST ME. Tell them you’re sorry for pawning it off on them, and to make amends, you’d like to take it off their … [Read more...]


 Hey guys! Fancy Farmgirls here.   So you don't live in your dream home!?  Very few of us do. So let's go ahead and conquer those Dream Home Demons shall we! They do nothing but rob us of the present! Believe me, I know!  I've wasted way too many years in waiting.   So let's quit the waiting and claim our victory with paint! Lots and lots of paint! Our story of how Lizs' family came to … [Read more...]


If you’ve ever read the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” you’ll understand how this: ...quickly escalated into a full-blown bedroom makeover involving: CHALK PAINT IN A SPRAYER CHALK PAINT WITH A ROLLER ON FABRIC STENCILS and HUSBAND SKILLS! Let’s call it “If You Show This Mom a Clearance Sticker…” The clearance sticker was attached to an amazing sparkly pillow. Sadly, the pillow didn’t quite … [Read more...]


No Rust-Oleum did not pay me to write this review. But, yes I got the paint for free, and yes this post has affiliate links. {Just keepin' it real.} I guess you can call me a skeptic. I am the type of person who needs to use a product myself to form my own opinion. So, when I was introduced to Rust-Oleum's Chalked Paint, I was naturally thinking, "I'll use it myself and see if I like it." If you … [Read more...]

welcoming porch

#HELLO! You and me, we are friends. I can feel the friend vibe already. Have you moved lately? Thank heavens I haven’t because moving can be the pits. But when you move into your new space, making it feel homey and inviting is the fun part! The space that greets your new neighbors is your front door and courtyard. So I suggest adding a little love to that area soon after move in. First things, first: If you … [Read more...]


 Hi, we're Marg and Liz the Fancy Farmgirls!  We like to transform things through the power of paint.  You'll usually find us collecting (hoarding) and redoing furniture. But today we want to show you this dramatic makeover of Liz's entryway, done mostly through freshening it up with.......... paint!   This is a small simple space but with some simple DIY board and batten … [Read more...]


Before you take this opportunity to grab a nap thinking “Who needs a whole blog post about brush care?!?” Let me get your attention with this fantastic selfie:   I don’t mean to scare you. Then again, Yes I do. Your brushes could look like my hair if you don’t keep reading… If you have been painting with chalk paint for any amount of time, you know the best brushes have natural, chisel-tipped … [Read more...]


The guest room is torn to shreds at the moment. Good times. In fact, it’s spilling over into my safe haven office. Dear guests, you can’t come for a few more days or you will not have a place to stay. But sometimes things have to get much worse before they get better, right?!? The color scheme for this room is grounded with several shades of grey and accents will be a grassy green, a small splash of coral, and a few … [Read more...]

Thrift-Diving AFTER .jpg

  Me and thrift stores have this weird connection: I think up some treasure in my head that I want to get my hands on, and miraculously during one of my quick "drive-bys" at the thrift store after work, there "IT" is, as if someone donated it just for me. That's what happened with this $30 solid, thrifted table that I hacked and stenciled for my latest DIY project. (Yes, just $30!!) Before I show you how … [Read more...]


One thing I can promise you is that my house is not boring! I bought these IKEA barstools almost a year ago with this tutorial in mind. But, for some reason, I kept putting it off! Plus, I didn’t know if my vision would actually work so it took a back seat on my to do list.  I caught a wild hair the other day and glazed all four of these barstools in less than 30 minutes. So, when I say this tutorial is as easy as … [Read more...]